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About Us

What We Do

Are you trying to bring a product to market? Trying to find a specific product you want to sell?


At our core, we take this stress away from our clients, by sourcing specific products for them based on their requirements. By out-sourcing this process, we save you valuable time and stress of searching and hunting for products. We work with not only importers, but both exporters and wholesalers to achieve this. 

What We Specialise In

​Our team's expertise in importing and exporting is focused around this (ever expanding) list.

  • Toiletries

  • Beauty Products

  • Drinks

  • Energy Drinks

  • Food

  • Condiments

  • Cereals

  • Baby Products

Who We Are

Sunil Galaiya

Sales & Marketing Director

Sunil has been in this industry for 30 years, and he brings his extensive experience to XimTrade. His speciality is rooted in beauty products, an industry he has worked in for a decade. Here he built his expertise by working with importers, marketing new beauty products.

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